Cowichan Lake North End

Cowichan Lake

Inspired by unusually calm winds, I decide to brave a solo paddle at the West End of Cowichan Lake. I put in at the Heather camp site boat launch, right at the Western most tip of Cowichan Lake and paddled down the SE shoreline. The water was dead calm and amazingly clear. Unfortunately smoke from the inland forest fires blocked out what is normally a breath taking view of the steep hills along the lake shore. I stopped on a little rock island and went for a gorgeous swim. The water felt a clean and refreshing as it looked. I turned around at Nixon Creek where to my dismay the weather turned and I found my self paddling into a strong westerly wind, making my homeward paddle arduous, to say the least. In future I’ll make a point of paddling always paddling Westward up the lake so I have the prevailing winds at my back for the return trip.