Sayward Forest

Sayward Forest

I just spent an amazing 5 days (June 26-30, 2017) doing the Sayward Forest Canoe Circuit North of Campbell River, BC. Despite the ease of access to this area the Sayward Forest still feels very much like wilderness and the scenery is, in places, breathtaking. My first night on Brewster Lake I watched Osprey diving for fish and was serenaded much of the evening by Pacific loons. The next morning I woke to see an river otter, just off shore, eying my camp site, probably wondering if I’d managed to catch any fish.

Brewster LakeThe portages were the best maintained I have seen anywhere ever! Kudo’s to BC parks! They are doing an amazing job. I’m not normally a proponent of canoe carts, but 95% of the portaging on this circuit could be done using a cart, just don’t be stupid, carry your gear, use the cart for the canoe only. My one and only suggestion would be a few more canoe stands for those of us over 55 and solo carrying. I got ONE (1), yes ONE, mosquito bite on the entire trip, and never used repellent. This island of ours truly is paradise.

Because of it’s proximity to Campbell River and it’s easy access I recommend doing this rout during the week, rather then on weekends and, if possible, in June or September. Campsites are plentiful and, while some of the portages are over a kilometer, I’d still recommend this route for intermediate or even beginner paddlers. I will definitely be going back.





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