Cowichan Lake North Arm Perfection

Cowichan Lake

I’ve paddled Cowichan Lake many times but this day was something special. Despite it being October (Oct 5, 2017), temperatures climbed to around the 20°C mark and the lake was windless in the afternoon, something that almost never happens on the notoriously windy Cowichan Lake. I’d not paddled the North arm of the lake this past summer so I decided to head for Mile 77 (Creekside) Park. There’s no boat launch at Mile 77 but it’s only a short portage to the shore.

Cowichan LakeAfter putting in I paddled across to the North shore where the sun was already just streaming through the tops of the trees and then followed the shoreline West. Several loons accompanied us, calling, but only occasionally. I spotted several tempting potential swimming/picnicking/camping sites but, as they were all in shade, I didn’t stop. Instead I continued on until I rounded the point and was in the sun again. Just there, is one of my favorite Cowichan Lake pull out spots. Despite it being it being the 5th of October I decided to go for a swim and am very glad I did so. There’s something special about Cowichan Lake’s water, the same water that flows into the Cowichan River. I just love it.

Following my swim I headed back to Mile 77 Park but this time hugging the North shore, clinging to the last rays of the sun which slipped below the horizon just as I was within site of the beach. As I put in, once again the loons were calling. On the entire journey I only saw 2-3 motor boats and none of them close. This on a lake that’s notoriously busy in the summer months. What a fantastic day!