Westwood Wonder

Westwood Lake

Although Westwood Lake is located well within Nanaimo’s City limits, on this autumn afternoon (Oct 27, 2017) it felt more like a tiny enchanted piece of wilderness. I found the Westwood Lake Park without difficulty and right at the entrance is a sandy boat launch, perfect for canoes or kayaks. Being a man made lake Westwood Lake is filled with the remnants of the forest that once stood there. One has to be careful to avoid old stumps, just below the surface, but the old wood gives the lake a gentle almost mystical feel. I set out lake in the afternoon and paddled clockwise around the shore line. On this, a Friday afternoon in autumn, I encountered a half dozen other paddlers enjoying this placid lake. It took me just under two hours to circle the lake at a leisurely pace, stopping to take pictures and admire this shallow gentle lake. Westwood Lake may be a busy place during the summer months but on this day it was a peaceful and enjoyable place to paddle.