Brannen Lake

  Brannen Lake is another of Nanaimo’s hidden treasures and, while it’s within the city limits, and can be seen from the bypass, in places it feels far far away. The lake is shallow and unfortunately infested with Eurasian milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) which can at times make paddling difficult. Much of the shoreline is marshy […]

Fourth Lake

  Fourth Lake is a secluded mountain lake, the final lake in the Nanaimo Lakes Chain, and a reservoir which, along with Jump Lake, provides drinking water for the city of Nanaimo. Access to Fourth Lake is restricted by TimberWest’s gate at Second Lake which at present is only open to the public on weekends […]

Westwood Lake

  Westwood Lake is centrally located in Nanaimo, just West of the Island Highway bypass, at the foot of Mt Benson, and probably Nanaimo’s most popular lake for swimming, running and walking. Even though Westwood Lake lies well within the city limits, only 4 km west of downtown Nanaimo, it feels more like a wilderness […]

Second Lake

  Second Lake is an island treasure tucked away in the hills just outside the city limits of Nanaimo and part of the Nanaimo Lakes Chain. This lake has a completely different feel then her sister lake, First Lake. The shoreline is rocky, forested and through much of the lake rises steeply from the water. […]

Nanaimo Lakes

The Nanaimo Lakes are a chain of four lakes situated just to the Southwest of the city of Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. First and Second Lake are publicly accessible throughout the year although times are restricted by TimberWest’s gate hours. Third lake is little more then a pond which branches off the Nanaimo river between Second […]

First Lake

  First Lake is a lovely shallow lake just outside the city limits of Nanaimo and part of the Nanaimo Lakes Chain. Much of the eastern shore is occupied by the TimberWest’s Nanaimo Lakes Campsite which includes a publicly accessible boat launch. The lake is the site of an old timber mill and was used […]

Spectacle Lake

  Spectacle Lake is a gorgeous spring-fed freshwater lake located just on the outskirts of greater Victoria, near Goldstream Provincial Park. The lake falls with Spectacle Lake Provincial Park which is cooperatively managed by the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) and is DAY USE ONLY. This tiny gem of a lake is an ideal spot […]