Second Lake

Second Lake


Second Lake is an island treasure tucked away in the hills just outside the city limits of Nanaimo and part of the Nanaimo Lakes Chain. This lake has a completely different feel then her sister lake, First Lake. The shoreline is rocky, forested and through much of the lake rises steeply from the water. Along the steep Northern shore you’ll find privately owned cabins while the Southern shore remains wild and undeveloped. The Western end of the lake is shallow and marshy, except where river empties into the lake. There you’ll find a gravel bar that’s a great place to stop for a picnic or a swim. The eastern end the Lake flows into a short stretch of river that runs into First Lake. If you’re looking for a little water experience, this can be a fun run, and in low water at least, it’s possible to line your canoe back up and do it again.

Latitude: 49.094793

Longitude: -124.213927

Size: 180.8 ha | 447 ac | 1.8 km²

Second Lake Boat LaunchDirection: To get get to the Second Lake, follow the Island Highway (Hwy 1A) to just north of the Nanaimo River crossing (look for the Wildplay sign), then turn onto Nanaimo River Road and follow it inland for 20 kilometers to a robust orange-red gate. Keep right on River Main. There is a not so well marked boat launch on the left, just after the road splits in two and comes back together.

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