Cameron Lake

Cameron Lake

Last Sunday (Oct 1, 2017) I enjoyed a brief love affair with Cameron Lake. It’s hard not to fall in love with this lovely, crystal clear lake, set amidst high forested hills. It’s one of those special lakes that could only be on Vancouver Island.

Cameron LakeI put in at the Cameron Lake Picnic site (BC Parks) and followed the lake shore around to the North, and largely undeveloped, shore. In places the shore line rises in steep sheer rock walls, in others there are small secluded gravel beaches. The forest is an interesting mix of mature cedar and fir, and more southern species like broad leaf maple and arbutus. There are lots of excellent spots to pull out for a picnic or a swim.

Approaching the Western end of the lake I crossed over to the Southern shore and the mouth of the Cameron River marked by a wide gravel delta, a perfect place to pull out, enjoy some sunshine and perhaps a swim. Here I encountered a family doing just that and also a little fly fishing. From there I continued on West along the shore line to the end of the lake which touches on Cathedral Grove. Back on the North shore there’s a dozen or so cabins, some rustic, some quite modern. A few appeared to date back to the 1930’s or 40’s. One could not help but envy the families that own these.

Cameron LakeAfter passing the cabins I found a lovely spot to pull out, enjoy the afternoon sun and a brief swim. Even on October 1 the water, while bracing, was more then enjoyably. Perhaps 40ft in from the shore I encountered the trail that runs from Cathedral Grove to the old railway trestle bridge, located about midway along the North shore.

I made it back to the Cameron Lake picnic site just as the shadows were lengthening and the sun slipping below the crests of the now towering hills. The entire outing took only 4-5 hours paddling solo at a leisurely pace, stopping to take pictures and explore the shore line in 3-4 places. Cameron Lake is definitely well worth the visit.