Powell Forest Canoe Route

Powell Forest- Canoe Route Circuit


The Powell Forest Canoe Route isn’t in fact on Vancouver Island, but rather on the Sunshine Coast, just across from Campbell River. We have however, included this amazing canoe route here because of it’s close proximity to the Island (a short ferry ride from Campbell River), and also because of it’s one of British Columbia’s most scenic canoe routs, located as it is at the very base of the coastal Rocky Mountains..

The Powell Forest Canoe Route is an 80 km, 10 lake,7 portage, journey that takes roughly 5 days. Portages range from 0.7 km – 2.4 km, and paddling stretches from 1 km – 28.5 km. However, the Powell Forest Canoe Route can also be done as three day canoe trip (Windsor Lake and descend back down to Lois Lake) or a two day canoe trip (start at Lois Lake and canoe to Khartoum Lake). Along the route you will find 20 recreation campsites, well maintained portages and conveniently located canoe rests. The best time to travel the route is between June and October.

The Powell Forest Canoe Route has a unique logging history dating back to the early 1920s. Evidence of the old logging practices can still be found along the route. The area also supports several active logging operations and serves as a good example of integrated forest management.



Total Distance: ~79.8 km
Paddling Distance: ~90.5km
Portage Distance: ~10.7 km

Direction: Once you’re off the ferry at Saltery Bay, drive North for approximately 10 km; you’ll see the entrance sign on the right side of the road across the highway from Loubert Road (entrance to the community of Stillwater). After turning right, drive up the hill and approximately 5 km in, you’ll be at the start of the Route, Lois Lake Campsite. It is not recommended to start from the north end of the route due to the steep grade along the Windsor-Goat portage.

This isn’t a circuit. It’s shaped like a horseshoe. The beginning and end are 30 km’s apart.
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Powell Forest Canoe Route Circuit Map