Comox Lake

Comox Lake


Comox Lake is still an interesting place to paddle despite it’s long history as a reservoir, both for the production of hydro electricity and as a drinking water source for the nearby communities of Comox, Courtenay and Cumberland. Paddling along the shore line one can still see the submerged stumps and forests of still standing dead trees that are all that remain of the once lush forest that now lies below the surface. There are lots of places to pull out for a swim, a picnic or some off-road canoe camping.

The South-Western end of the lake, furthest from the Cumberland Lake Park Campground is my favorite part of the lake to explore. Here the towering hills drop steeply into the lake and man’s touch is less evident. Here also the Cruikshank River flows into Comox Lake. In the summer months when water levels are low it’s possible to paddle some way up the river, then ride the current back down.

At the Eastern end of the Lake, close to the campground, is the Puntledge River flows out of Comox Lake and can be followed down towards Courtenay.

Latitude: 49.609903

Longitude: -125.154836

Size: 2111.3 ha | 5217 ac | 21.1 km²

Direction: From Highway 19 turn take Exit 117 to Cumberland and turn left (West) onto Comox Valley Pkwy S/Cumberland Rd S, Continue to follow Cumberland Rd S and follow it about 4 km to the Cumberland Lake Park Campground.

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