Alice Lake

Alice Lake


Alice Lake, like it’s sister lake Victoria, is a long narrow lake surrounded by steeply rising hills clothed with lush west coast coniferous forest. This wild and beautiful lake is largely undeveloped although there is a scattering of mostly rusting cabins that where historically grant to forestry workers and are now 100 year leases. Alice Lake offers plenty of opportunities for off-road canoe camping. One can easily spend a day, or an entire week exploring this majestic Vancouver Island lake.

Latitude: 50.467809

Longitude: -127.408974

Size: 1109.8 ha | 2742 ac | 11.1 km²


Alice Lake can be accessed at the North end via the Marble River boat launch, which is located at the Western Forest Products Recreation Site across the road from Marble River Provincial Park. Traveling North on Highway 19 from Port McNeill, take the Port Alice turnoff (Hwy 30). Cross the Marble River bridge and turn left (East) for boat launch.

At the South end Alice Lake can be accessed through the Link River Park Campground. From the Island Highway (Hwy 19), take the Port Alice turn-off onto Hwy 30; Just before you reach Port Alice, look for the signs to Link River and make the left hand turn onto a gravel logging road. Follow the signs to Link River Regional Park & Campsite

Formerly, two forest service sites were located on the east side of Alice Lake, Alice Lake Recreation Site, and Pinch Creek Recreation Site. However, when I visited the Pinch Creek site in September of 2017 there was little left of it do to wash out. I don’t believe either site is still being maintained.

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