Somenos Lake

Somenos Lake


Somenos Lake is an amazing little jewel of a lake with an abundance of wildlife. Otters, beavers, bald eagles, osprey, blue herons and a multitude of different waterfowl can be seen regularly. The lake and surrounding marsh are particularly known for trumpeter swans, with up to 1,000 of these majestic birds visiting each winter, representing 5% of the world’s population. Along the Eastern shore mature Garry Oaks grow right up to the water’s edge.

The lake shore can be easily paddled in a leisurely hour or two. In high water one can paddle up the lakes inlet at the north endand into the adjoining farm land North of Herd Rd. It’s also sometimes possible to follow the outflow down toward the Cowichan River.

Unfortunately, excessive nutrient loading and insufficient “flushing” in summer, due to reduced inflows and truncated outflows, have led to massive algae blooms during the summer months. These blooms can be toxic to dog so please don’t let your dog drink or swim when these blooms are happening (summer months).

American bullfrogs, an invasive species that is decimating the native frog population, are also abundant in Somenos Lake.

Latitude: 48.801782

Longitude: -123.703747

Size: 96.7 ha | 239 ac | 1 km²

Direction: Drinkwater Dock (DD)

Somenos Lake can be accessed via the Drinkwater Rd dock/boat launch. From the Trans Canada Highway turn East onto Drinkwater Road. Then stay straight on Drinkwater Road, past the BC Forest Discovery Centre on the right. Follow Drinkwater Road the end.

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